Friday, March 26, 2010

Zuri update on 97.1 ZHT today

If you're in Utah, you know how the spring weather goes: sunny one minute, snowing the next. Right now Zuri and Christie do not have a regular schedule as to when they're going to be out in the working yard. Fear not! We still have a Zuri update for you!

This morning, Lead Elephant Keeper Doug Tomkinson was on 97.1 ZHT talking to the Z Morning Zoo about the latest Zuri news. If you missed it, why not check out the podcast this weekend? Then you'll have your Zuri fix, and we'll bring you more from Elephant Encounter very soon.

Head to the "Podcast" section on 97.1 ZHT and then scroll down to 971 ZHt's Morning Zoo 3-26-10 Part 1 to listen to the segment as it aired live this morning with Frankie, DB and Jessica.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Springtime with Zuri

It's not quite warm springtime weather yet, but Zuri has been spending more time outside in the working yard with Christie. There haven't been many blog updates lately because the weather hasn't allowed Zuri and Christie a regular outdoor schedule for us to report to you, but it seems that things are getting nicer and soon we'll have plenty to show you and talk about!

The elephant keepers called this morning and reported that Zuri weighs in at 614 pounds. She's growing like a good baby elephant, nursing and even eating some hay. As the weather has warmed up in the past few days, the Elephant Encounter staff have been training with Christie as they ready for pachyderm programs which start in a couple of weeks. Zuri has even started a little bit of training too, becoming quite skilled in learning to open her mouth when she is asked. This helps keep Zuri healthy, as keepers can look at her teeth and tongue to make sure everything looks okay.

Of course Zuri gets a treat when she opens her mouth and seems to really enjoy when she gets a squirt of fruit juice!