Monday, November 16, 2009

Today's weigh-in

Zuri continues to steadily grow and weighs in today at 442 pounds. In talking with her keepers, she didn't seem to much mind the snow flurries that fell on Saturday afternoon. In fact, there wasn't enough to accumulate within her yard at Elephant Encounter, so she just hung out on her heated paddock and waited for the sunshine to come back out!


  1. The blog before this one said Zuri weighed 410 pounds. But today she is 342 pounds. Is that a typo error? At any rate, she is so cute and I love the updates and pictures on the blog. I show them to my grandchildren and they think it's great!

  2. Zuri Why did you loose 68 pounds? I know weight fluxuates alot for elephants but that is alot for a little thing like you.

    Hey let the zookeepers know that if you ever need a babysitter I would be happy to come and watch you. I am your #1 fan!

  3. Why did she lose so much weight within 6 days - going from 410 to 342 is quite a drop.