Monday, December 7, 2009

There's a chill in the air

The weather is certainly turning out to be frosty and Zuri and Christie are spending quite a bit of time inside the elephant barn at Hogle Zoo. While the cement pads in Elephant Encounter are heated to give the girls a chance to get outside even on winter's cooler days, the blowing wind and very cold temperatures we've had in the last little while make it so they've got to stay inside. On the positive side, this will give the keepers the chance to do some training with Zuri while they train with Christie, so there is still work being done!

Eric, one of Hogle Zoo's elephant keepers, sent over some photos that he took of Zuri on Thanksgiving and we wanted to pass them along to you. In addition to being one of Hogle Zoo's fantastic elephant staff, you can see Eric's a great photographer. Plus, he's got great subject matter as he gets to work with Baby Zuri every day


  1. LUCKY! to get to work with Zuri everday. Can I come job shadow you sometime? I am the hugest elephant fanatic ever! Love all elephants, especially Zuri.

  2. What great photos! We were there in Nov, and I got some fabulous pics also. My 3 year old told me to quit taking pictures.