Thursday, June 17, 2010

They grow up so fast!!

Right now little Zuri is 756 pounds. Little? Well, compared to Christie who weighs in at about seven thousand pounds! Not only do the little ones grow up so quickly in weight, but Zuri is also growing through her training.

One thing the Elephant Encounter keepers are working on is separating Zuri and Christie for a short amount of time to work on training separately. For a few minutes a day, Zuri goes out into the yard by herself and there were even a couple of times where Zuri did an Elephant Encounter program all by herself! The crowd was thrilled and Zuri got some grapes-- her new favorite training treat. It doesn't happen for very long, Zuri still wants to be with her momma, and the two are always happy to see each other.

We'll have some great Zuri pictures posted this weekend now that the weather is cooperating, but in the meantime why don't you check out Zuri and Christie during one of our two daily programs at Elephant Encounter? The training programs are at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm. Also, if you need a little Zuri fix while you're sitting at your computer right now, be sure to check out our Facebook page photos submitted by staff and followers and "like" us if you don't already!

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