Thursday, September 16, 2010

1,000 Pounds and Still So Small!

While most people aren't too fond of tracking an expanding waistline, our little Zuri is nearing a milestone weight that it is nearly impossible for a human to even think about… 1,000 pounds.

But considering that adult African elephants can weigh up to 12,000 pounds, at only one twelfth of what will one day be her weight, Zuri has quite a way to go before hitting full-grown status.

But still, Zuri nearing the 1,000 pound marker is a very fun time for us and, to give her fans some perspective on what the weight really means, below you will find some other things that also weigh 1,000 pounds:

10 hellfire missiles

119.8 Gallons of water

Just under 1/2 of a classic VW Beetle (hard top)

Just over 3 Shaquille O'Neals

222 bricks

181,436.948 pennies

1,000 16 ounce cups of coffee

Of course, even at 1,000 pounds, Zuri is still a lot cuter than all of the items listed above. So, if you have the chance, come see her while she is still small - and she's still very small and cute. In fact, many of our guests she still looks the same size she was when she was born!

And, don't worry, we will be sure and let you know the day she hits the exact number.


  1. great to hear that our {like she is mine, haha} little Zuri is growing up. I cannot believe she will be 1000 pounds. Good job zookeepers at feeding that girl! I dont want her to grow up. I cannot believe she ways as much as 181,436.948 pennies. Love you Zuri! Your biggest fan, Karen

  2. She is so beautiful!
    Its thrilling that she is so healthy and growing at a great rate.

  3. She has the talent to be a standup commedianne when she grows up. What a character Zuri has been her first year. One of her better stunts was getting high-centered on her big ball, rolling all the way over, standing right up as if to say 'I really mean't to do that.' I am privileged to see her every day!

  4. Oh my goodness Zuri is so cute! Like my little sister would say... you should give her some medicine to stay small! Just Kidding, Zuri will be a great big elephant one day just like her mom!