Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

Baby it's cold outside… really! But with the cold comes the holiday season and snow, which Zuri seems to love when she can get her trunk on it.

Something else Zuri likes to do in the winter - stay warm. She has radiant heaters, as well as a large heated concrete pad in her outdoor exhibit, which usually do the trick to keep her comfy. But, when the temperature drops too much, she hurries inside because her skin is still baby soft - for an elephant, at least - and she needs the extra help staying warm.

With each snowfall, Zuri gets to pop outside a couple times a day for fresh air and sunshine. She loves to plow through the snow. If you're lucky, you can catch her balling up piles of snow with her trunk and shoveling it into her mouth for a rather chilly winter treat.

Like most youngsters, Zuri loves the Christmas season. In addition to the ZooLights! that are all around, Zuri gets the occasional gift from her friends in Utah. If you're wondering what Zuri likes for Christmas, look no further than the Amazon wish list for her here. This page is filled with all sorts of toys with which Zuri likes to play - and eventually destroy thanks to her elephant strength!

Here's hoping you can catch her out and about on those sunny winter days this holiday season, because we know Zuri would love to wish you a Happy New Year in person!

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