Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sticks and stones...

Today Zuri found a new toy in her exhibit... To a Hogle Zoo visitor this toy might just be referred to as a "stick." But to a baby elephant just two months old this week, this stick was sheer bliss and an entire morning of entertainment.

A couple of Hogle Zoo staffers walked back into their office this morning just laughing. It turns out the pair had spent some time watching Zuri in her yard, playing with her with her stick, and it seemed to make their entire day. They also particularly liked Zuri's almost choreographed footwork on the concrete balance beam in her yard and got a thrill over watching Zuri still getting used to her little legs.

One of the Hogle employees mused, "I was surprised at how long she stays focused on something!" The other said, "She is very tenacious," and little Zuri certainly is.


  1. I love elephants! They are my favorite animal in the world! I am not kidding. For my birthday we went to the zoo and Zuri was trying to get on a ball! We stayed looking at her for more than half an hour! I hope I get to see her soon again!

  2. I love elephants! They are my favorite animal, not kidding. I have a collection. I went to the zoo for my birthday and we stared at Zuri for more than thirty min.!

  3. Zuri you are such a cutie!
    I want to come see you so bad! I will I promise. I think that the zoo should have me be your zookeeper for the day. i would love to come and play with you. I am a total lover of all things elephant. I collect elephants, I think I have over 100. I love you girl!