Friday, October 2, 2009

More Zuri fans!

There are quite a few people who are getting a chance to see Zuri, even with the cooler temperatures, and we're getting a chance to read people's experiences they're sharing on their blogs. Thank you! Here are some links to the latest:

Gnome Sweet Gnome- Review: Hogle Zoo
The Hansen Chronicles...- Hogle Zoo
Belliston Clan- Hogle Zoo

And be sure to check out some great photos from Hogle Zoo supporter JR Photography on flickr.

Have fun reading about our visitors' experiences with Zuri! These links are not created by Hogle Zoo, nor is Hogle Zoo responsible for any of the content found therein. For more background information on Zuri, visit our Hogle Zoo Web site here.


  1. Just wanted to say Thanks for posting a link to my zoo animals photographs!! Greatly Appreciated!

    All my images are for sale if your are interested please contact me at jstoony at hotmail dot com

    JR Photography
    Jason Ralston

  2. Thank you for making it possible for me to keep up with Zuri from 2,000+ miles away from DC :)