Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still growing!

The keepers at Elephant Encounter have been working to get a height on Baby Zuri and it appears she is getting taller just like any baby does. When Zuri was born, she was 36" tall-- that's three feet to you and I! We are pleased to report that Zuri measured in at 44" tall today. That's getting to be about a foot taller than when she was born just five months ago.

The weather has been chilly, but yesterday's temperatures were falling on the warmer side for a Utah January. Zuri and Christie went out for quite a bit of time during the day, and visitors who happened to be enjoying the sunny chill were able to view them in the working yard at Elephant Encounter.

Zuri is also still playing with Christmas trees left over from the holidays a few weeks ago. She likes to drag the trees around and bury her head in the soft pine needles, then push the trees on the floor before she swings her little trunk back around them. It's quite a sight to see a growing baby elephant play with a Christmas tree!


  1. How long is Zuri from tip of trunk to tip of tail?

  2. We'll have our keepers take a look at that! It took some special training to get Zuri's height so that will be something to work on. Thanks!