Monday, January 25, 2010

Zuri's Winter Wonderland

Quite a few people have asked us, "Does Zuri like the snow?" You can see from these pictures taken by Hogle Zoo elephant keeper Eric Peterson that Zuri is having a great time this winter! Christie and Zuri have been going outside quite a bit this winter, and the snow we had over the past couple of days was very entertaining for the young elephant.

Eric said, "There was a snow bank that Zuri kept sticking her head into, and then she kept swishing her trunk around in the snow for quite awhile!" Was Zuri making snow angels? Maybe snow elephants!

Take a look:
Zuri's making "snow elephants" with a swish of her trunk.

Zuri started out using her trunk to eat the snow, then opted for a full-on Olympic-style snow bank face plant.

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