Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's Blog Feature Tuesday

Photo by @kris247

We had such a busy weekend at Hogle Zoo, and Zuri was on exhibit for her visitors. Quite a few people are blogging about their time with Zuri at Hogle Zoo, so it's only appropriate that we share some of the great things folks are saying about Hogle Zoo and baby Zuri.

Here are a few blogs we found about people who have already come to see Zuri and her mom Christie:
Babies at Utah's Hogle Zoo
Go see Zuri at Hogle Zoo
Vilela: Hogle Zoo
Cooper Family: Hogle Zoo

Have fun reading about our visitors' experiences with Zuri! These links are not created by Hogle Zoo, nor is Hogle Zoo responsible for any of the content found therein. For more background information on Zuri, visit our Hogle Zoo Web site here.

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