Monday, September 28, 2009

Crispy fall weather...

Right now the days are beautiful but the weather forecast is pointing to cooler weather later this week. The forecast calls for lower temperatures beginning Wednesday, so it's possible Zuri will not be on exhibit. Elephant Encounter does have heated areas for the elephants but with Zuri still so small, the animal care staff will assess the temperatures to make sure that she doesn't catch a chill.

Life with Baby Zuri is certainly day-by-day, and it's a learning process for Hogle Zoo to make sure she is healthy and happy! We will have regular updates here, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter to keep visitors informed on Zuri's exhibit hours as we head into winter.


  1. We are thinking of visiting tomorrow. Is there a way to find out if Zuri will be out? or what time she would be out?

  2. Zuri is out today (October 2) at Elephant Encounter. We try to give daily status updates on both Twitter and Facebook, or you can always call our Guest Services at (801) 582-1631.