Monday, September 14, 2009

Just one month old...

On Friday September 11, Hogle Zoo debuted their new female African elephant to their visitors.

On Tuesday September 15, the baby's name was announced; and that name is Zuri. Swahili for "adorable or beautiful," our new Baby Zuri certainly is.

And full of energy.

Keep coming back to for more stories of Zuri's adventures at Utah's Hogle Zoo!


  1. We saw her Sunday and voted for "Zuri" She is just so cute!!! She really likes to put on a show. Thank you, Zuri

  2. I live in New York and through a friend have been following baby Zuri (I hoped the name would be Zuri as it just fits her). I so wish I could see her "live" but unfortunately I can't so thank you so much for posting the video. She is such a wonderful little gift!

    Louie's Mom

  3. my kids call her ellie! its a cute name lol she is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!